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11.25 NCAAB Vanderbilt Wake Forest W
11.24 NCAAB Idaho Troy W
11.24 NCAAB St. John's Indiana W
11.24 NCAAB Rutgers Creighton W
11.24 NCAAB East Carolina San Diego State L
11.24 NCAAB CS Northridge Southern California L
11.24 NCAAB Mercer Davidson W
11.24 NCAAB Eastern Michigan Michigan State L
11.23 NCAAB Butler Miami-Florida L
11.22 NCAAB Valparaiso Oregon T
11.22 NCAAB Florida Purdue L
11.22 NCAAB Temple Utah W
11.22 NCAAB Yale SMU W
11.22 NCAAB Akron Villanova L
11.22 NCAAB New Mexico Southern California L
11.22 NCAAB Saint Peter's Princeton W
11.22 NCAAB Elon Syracuse W
11.21 NCAAB Toledo Loyola-Chicago L
11.21 NCAAB Oral Roberts James Madison W
11.21 NCAAB Niagara Vermont L
11.21 NCAAB Cornell Canisius L
11.21 NCAAB Belmont Evansville W
11.21 NCAAB College of Charleston Davidson W
11.21 NCAAB Xavier-Ohio Michigan W
11.21 NCAAB Detroit Pittsburgh W
11.21 NCAAB Delaware Iona L
11.20 NCAAB Fla. International James Madison W
11.20 NCAAB Butler Temple L
11.20 NCAAB Ohio Tulsa W
11.20 NCAAB Oklahoma State George Mason L
11.20 NCAAB Pepperdine UCLA L
11.20 NCAAB South Alabama LSU W
11.20 NCAAB Iowa Marquette W
11.20 NCAAB UAB Troy W
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Try our new Facebook app!'s NFL betting system and college football and basketball systems use an unbiased, statistically based formula to find you the best sports betting values. Some weeks, there might be 15 games; other weeks, there might be none. We only give you the games with the best chance of winning.

Best of all, we do all the work for you. We look at current NFL spreads, college football spreads and college basketball spreads, compare them against a number of factors, then determine the best games and the best picks.

Our NFL betting system is our specialty, but we also are refining our systems for college football betting and college basketball betting.

What's the edge?

The "edge" is a gauge of how much of a value a game is. Put simply, the higher the edge, the more likely the game is to cover. Put technically, the edge is a measure of how far the actual line of the game deviates from what WTW thinks it should be.

Sports bets cannot be placed on We offer a free service to help sports gamblers make decisions on which games to bet. recommends these games.

WhenSportTeamsLineEdgeBet MeInjuries
2015-11-25 07:00 cbb Yale 7.12 Yale Injuries
Duke -14.0 Injuries
2015-11-26 04:30 nfl Carolina Panthers 5.15 Carolina Panthers Injuries
Dallas Cowboys 0.0 Injuries
2015-11-30 08:30 nfl Baltimore Ravens 5.49 Baltimore Ravens Injuries
Cleveland Browns -2.5 Injuries